CTTHC Health Fair is a place for members of the transgender and gender non-binary community in Central Texas to interface with local resources and have opportunities to make informed decisions on the services that they wish to seek. This event will act as a facilitator or bridge to bring together transgender communities and providers that are committed to treating them with respect. 

The Health Fair is meant to be an informal space where transgender and gender non-binary individuals community and their friends and family can explore options for local services and interact with service providers. By bringing providers and transgender individuals together we hope to promote health autonomy, health literacy, and accessibility within the transgender and gender non-binary community. We also hope to strengthen service providers’ investment in our community and their capacity to serve and actively participate in advocacy around accessibility, options, and autonomy in services. 

The Health Fair will be a safe space to access healthcare options by creating and implementing a system to assess medical and mental health providers on their level of knowledge, experience, and competence in treating transgender patients before granting approval to participate. Priority will be given to providers who have attended the CTTHC Conference, held one month prior, as well as those with exceptional reputations for trans-competence within the transgender community.

The Health Fair date and schedule are still being finalized. Please check back soon for more information.